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The Islamic Conference of Health Ministers (ICHM) convenes once every two years to discuss the priority health issues of Muslim communities and review different aspects of the health status in OIC Member Countries, including health developments and situations, concerns, requirements and priorities. The First Conference of the Health Ministers was convened in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia on 12 – 15 June 2007. 



The Steering Committee on Health was established under the authority and guidance of the Islamic Conference of Health Ministers (ICHM).

The objectives of the Steering Committee are to monitor and follow-up the implementation of the framework for action identified in the outcome reports and resolutions of the Health Ministers Conferences, and prepare progress and evaluation reports in this regard.

The composition of the Steering Committee on Health is as follows:




The Lead Country Coordinators (LCCs) are the prime movers for action for their respective thematic areas, motivating Member States, increasing their ownership of the programme, proposing prioritized plans of action. 

Each LCC take up the responsibility in respect of a thematic area for an initial period of two years, which may be extended by the Steering Committee in case of the interest of the Member State to continue and where no other Member State conveys its interest to take up the same responsibility. 


The LCCs are as follows:

I.  Health System Strengthening- Republic of Turkey

II.  Disease Prevention and Control- Kingdom of Bahrain

III.  Maternal, New-born and Child Health and Nutrition- Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

IV.  Medicines, Vaccines and Medical Technologies- Malaysia and Republic of Indonesia

V.  Emergency Health Response and Interventions- Republic of the Sudan

VI.  Information, Research, Education and Advocacy- Kingdom of Morocco